Promoting Corso Italia as a great place to visit and an even better place to live.

he Corso Italia Business Improvement Area (BIA), founded in 1984, is made up of 200 local businesses across a variety of sectors. It’s one of more than 80 BIAs in the City of Toronto and is one that has a distinct identity and heritage beyond its geographic boundaries, along St. Clair Avenue West from Westmount Avenue to Lansdowne Avenue. The Corso Italia of today may look different from what its first settlers experienced, but the vibrancy and authenticity remain unchanged.

The Corso Italia BIA exists to help the neighbourhood chart a sure and steady course through the changes that inevitably occur over time. The BIA’s Strategic Plan is a 3-5 year plan to revitalize Corso Italia and position it as a destination to visit and a great place to live. Highlights of the plan include:

The future of Corso Italia is one that we are keen to write, a future that highlights the diversity, community, beauty, and growth of our community. For us, Corso Italia is first and foremost the home that we share with our families and our neighbours, and into which we welcome visitors.
We are a community charting a new way forward, one that remembers the past while building for the future.