The Corso Italia BIA is helping members understand the individuals who live and visit the Corso Italia neighbourhood. The plan is geared to benefit our business community and improve prospects for your business, as well as all other member businesses, to create a stronger overall business area that provides value to the groups and individuals we regularly welcome to Corso Italia.

Free Market Research

Businesses within the Corso Italia BIA are eligible to receive free comprehensive market research and data that helps you understand the individuals who live and visit the Corso Italia neighbourhood. All market research reports and consultations are free of charge to businesses within the BIA and require no commitment outside of a brief 1-on-1 conversation to explain how to best interpret the research.

What type of data does the market research include?

  • Demographics - Details about the age, education and employment of residents and visitors to Corso Italia.
  • Behaviours- Media consumption, sports and leisure activities, digital technology usage - e.g. social media, computer and mobile phones.
  • Spending Habits - How much visitors and residents spend on different types of businesses and their household disposable income.
  • Psychographics - Understanding the mindset of customers to learn what matters the most to them and how it affects their purchasing decisions. Psychographic data will allow you to develop communications and merchandising strategies to engage your customers based on their view of the world.

How to Participate

If you are interested in learning more about the different types of data that can inform your business decisions and marketing efforts, schedule a one-on-one market research presentation with Omer Ismael by clicking on the calendar below.