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1267 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 1B8, Canada

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What Customers Say

54 reviews
Quick and easy bill payments no hassle
Matthew Gauthier

Matthew Gauthier

4 months ago
A mobile phone company that doesn't burn your wallet. I did like their service. - Prepaid phone plans that guarantees no unexpected surprises. - No credit checks. - Good, value for money unlocked phones. - Amazing customer service. - No hassle sign-up. - Amazing offers and gifts. - Easy access, just next to the Earlscourt transit stop.
Rohan Abu

Rohan Abu

2 years ago
i am quite happy with Chatr mobile. I had never heard of them till cple of years ago i needed my cell turned on right away so i switched to Chatr as it was only cell provider i can hook &unlock from my regular provider ( i hadn't had cell in while been use to landline) i must say im glad as i will stay with Chatr. I've told friends to switch to them.. find them fast & efficient.. when i need to call them the staff is always polite and help with my questions I plan to stay with them even when i hook landline up new place i am glad to be 3g will never go 5g as it is what our government wants up to switch to !! i am a FREEDOM FIGHTER & I know all about the 5g network plan & i am glad Chatr only uses 3g
e J

e J

a year ago
Customer service lacking at this location , inappropriate questions to customers, no transparency, alot trying to upsell withholding price etc "what's your budget selling " the prices are online we check right in front the sales rep and specs and options so not sure the secrecy anyways without, said one price / data verbally completely different on paperwork ( I left and didn't proceed) refused to make intial or sign on verbal promises very misleading unfornately does not represent the Company itself , sexism and comments regarding cultures race very strange asking for network opportunities well trying to upsell and not be transparent with pricing which is readily available online on company website, the Company is great good option good provider and great service for good value unfortunately this commission type selling consumers non professional inappropriate questions consumers know the information is readily available on Google and company website it's unfortunate and deters clients for coming in store and just order online as result of feeling mantuiplated in person it's very unfortunate does not represent the company and leaves a bad taste in your mouth, long term that type selling does not work , consumers the information and pricing is readily available as well online shipping , customer service is so valuable and if not given there is no incentive to shop in person
bev Dune

bev Dune

3 years ago